Saturday, June 28, 2008

full house and more

Today there were more kayakers than kayaks, the club is positively bursting with new paddlers and there are not enough boats for everyone. If you don`t register early you have to hope that someone cancels so you can get their kayak More and more people are joining and the average seems to be getting younger too.It is fantastic to see so many people on the water. Now when we go out there are usually 2 instructors at work, one stays at the back to help and guide the newcomers, and the other is out in front with the more advanced paddlers. It seems like a good system and the level of skills is constantly improving especially with the Thursday skills sessions which attract a large number of paddlers.


Silbs said...

We see the same happening here (USA). I am happy to say that in my area we are seeing more and more paddlers getting good instruction and more and more taking the instructor's training as well. It all speaks well for the sport.

Unknown said...

I wonder if its happening in other countries around the world too