Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love playing in the surf

One of my favorite pastimes is seakayaking in the surf zone and surfing the waves. Feeling the power of the water as the waves pound you and try to capsize you, using all your skill to maintain balance and then rolling in the turbulent water when you go over makes for a fantastic experience.
Some days the surf is well ordered and you can ride the waves without any trouble, at other times the sea is a churning mess with waves coming from all directions. Some waves are dangerous dumpers, but its always a lot of fun whatever the conditions.I think that all sea kayakers should learn how to manage the surf, it gives you confidence, allows you to go out in most conditions and increases your safety factor. You definitely need to be able to roll if you want to enjoy the experience, but it can be a great learning tool too. I love it.

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Silbs said...

I envy you. Surf on the great lakes is unpredictable and usually in closely spaced sets. It seems to be feast or famine with few good days for surfing.