Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tomorrow I plan to launch my new Greenland Kayak, I still have to put on the deck lines, but want to see how it handles on the water. I guess i`m a little impatient after the whole building process. I built with the help of Building the Greenland Kayak by Christopher Cunningham, and for additional insights and inspiration I also used the books Building Skin on Frame Boats by Robert Morris and The Aleutian Kayak by Wolfgang Brink. The whole process was a learning curve, lots of fun and interesting, and surprisingly more simple than I would have imagined. The real test will be tomorrow when it goes out on the water
Champagne anyone??


Unknown said...

It looks great, good luck!!!

Ori said...

Congregates Steve
A year ago I thought about doing it myself but... you know. been too lazy .
Hope to see more about th building process.