Friday, February 16, 2007

more brown water

The Yarkon river joins the sea at the Reading power plant, thats our starting point today, the water is brown and its not advisable to go swimming, who knows what lurks in the depths..., but a few brave souls are not afraid to go paddeling up and down the river. There is a lot of boating activity, olympic kayaks and rowing boats, sculling and some sea kayaks too. Rami has his boathouse there {not really his . but thats where the action is} So we set out to explore the waters in Tel Aviv, lots of bird life, ducks and stuff, we went up as far as we could to the 7 mills and then took the right fork to the beginning of the ayalon, then home again for that hot shower. I guess the river has its attraction but give me the sea anyday.

Im planning to launch my new Greenland kayak on Wednesday, just hope that it does not sink.

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Ori said...

Hi Steve, nice finding your blog.
where can I find more pictures from the Yarkon?

BTW: I posted about you and your blog on my blog at: