Friday, March 11, 2016

who`s building kayaks now

Right now there are 5 people building kayaks that I know of in Israel.
Itai is building a Laughing Loon Shooting Star,  a lovely looking baidarka style sea kayak. its looks like a challenging build but the end result is well worth the effort.
Izzy has just started his Petrel Play and Zohar and Rani are building a pair of Petrels. Zohar is making hers 5% smaller than normal because she is a smaller paddler and feels lost in a full size kayak.

Ari has been working on his hybrid Shearwater for a while now.

Last summer we had a wooden kayak day on the beach and this became the inspiration for a sudden burst of kayak building.  Hopefully we will have some new kayaks for the next meeting.
Oh and before I forget , there`s Yoram building a new double kayak too.. 
So that makes it 6 that I know of at present.
I will keep posting pictures as soon as I get them

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