Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paddling in dangerous weather

The storm was approaching and in the distance there were bolts of lightening. We knew it was just a matter of time before we would be in  the middle of it all. We also knew that it was not a good idea to go paddling.
On the other hand it was a great photo opportunity, so we decided to go for it, just for the pictures

To capture a lightening bolt is not so simple but today with all the modern computer programs and action cameras its quite simple to take a video and then extract the frame you like as a still photo

If I saw this  coming I would not go out for a long paddle, that's just looking for trouble
But a few minutes on the water allows Eytan to get some great photos in a dramatic environment

With the black clouds the colours seem much brighter
even black and white  looks better in this light

more lightening

Wasn't there a pillar of light by night somewhere in our past

and so we spent a few short minutes on the water and then went back to the safety of the club to drink our morning  coffee ..
Sometimes you have to make a special effort to get  a great photo

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