Saturday, October 17, 2015

Petrels, guillemots night herons and matunucks all on the beach together

Our 7 am paddle with the rising sun, the start to a special day

By 10am the beach was witness to a gathering of wooden kayaks , never before seen together  in Israel. Inspired by Nick Schades meet on the beach I decided it was time to have one here too and invited all kayak builders to participate

Avital brought her refurbished Guillemot S

Izi had fun in the Petrel Play

Muli raced Izi in a Petrel

Young Alon in his matunuck

The water was as clear as glass and the sea  could not have been more inviting 

Rani brought Zohars Matunuck, she made it 10% smaller than full size so he cannot get in 

first there were 2

then there were 3, but thats the most I could get together for a group pic, 

our next generation of paddlers getting ready

Hadas and Omer togged out in Reed

Yoram and Edward had fun together too

Hillel built this Gannymede with a bunch of kids 

from the water it looked like a lot of fun

the fast double is a great way to transport kids 

Moshe Boneh brought a beautiful shrike 

Eyal and Yali got together in the fast double

while Omer had a go with

and Shani also had a family day.
For a first time event it was a huge success, lots of beautiful kayaks ,giving everyone who wanted to try them a wonderful chance . People got to experience different kayaks , have fun with their kids, meet the builders and have a great day. What more could one want

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