Friday, July 17, 2015

Thursday afternoon skill sessions

We are blessed with warm water and long sunny days in summer,just what you need for an afternoon session of kayak skill training. So after reorganising my work hours I now have time  to help out . Its a great way to end the week and start the weekend

We usually get about 6 to 10 paddlers and spend a couple of hours teaching . The session could be on rescues, self and assisted. 

Sunset is a great time to be out on the water

Eskimo rescue is a good exercise, it helps you learn to stay calm under water, and  later when you are learning to roll is saves a lot of time and effort by keeping you in your kayak when your roll fails.

Surf launching and landing can be quite daunting for many paddlers, so if the conditions are right we spend a lot of time teaching how to go out through surf and how to come back without flipping over.

it can be quite exciting for newcomers to suddenly understand how all the bracing leaning and edging suddenly come together when you are surfing back to shore

Your confidence gets a good boost when you master bracing in waves

and you begin to really enjoy playing in the rough water

obviously there will be upsets but that's all part of the learning process

Progress is quite fast

and then you dont stop smiling

there are many variations of rescues

The thing is that you need to practice  all the time and then when you really need to do real time rescue you know how to do it without any confusion
Eventually you get to go out and play in nice rough water and have a lot of fun surfing

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