Tuesday, July 1, 2014

small surf and a not natural rock garden for fun

How comfortable are you when going out against the surf?

Do the waves make you nervous or do you get a huge smile

Do you love the feeling of flying through the waves and bouncing over the other side? What size waves keep you on the beach?

The barnacle encrusted pylons can cause major bodily damage if you fall and rub against them, so its a no no for club members .

But if you are confident and prepared to take responsibility for your actions and have your own kayak 

Paddling slalom through the tunnel can be a lot of fun, depending on the state of the sea

I do it from time to time but dont tell my boss.

Meanwhile if you got out through the surf you probably have to land back through the same waves, can you do it without getting capsized?

She can,
 If you want to too, you can come to our skills lessons on Thursday evenings and brush up on your technique and who knows, soon you may reach a new level of enjoyment 

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