Saturday, November 30, 2013

outnumbered by sups 1

What an exciting weekend, rough water, good surf and fun at Optimist Kayak club. You need to have your own kayak if you want to play in rough water, and then you need to practice a lot, a good roll is essential as well as self and assisted rescues as there comes times when you get sucked out of your boat as well. The biggest problem these days is the large number of  SUPS all trying to get on the same wave as the seakayakers. They don`t seem to know the basics of surfing, and this makes it challenging and dangerous. Its like slalom surfing, the sun in your eyes as you surf down the wave you hardly see them returning directly in your path and sometimes there are accidents.
At a certain point we simply quit as the odds of a serious collision were getting too high.
Nevertheless we had a great weekend after a long spell of flat water.....bring on the winter storms, we are ready.

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