Saturday, September 14, 2013


Heres Vered, that translates to Rose in English, but after being here for  so long it sounds better to my ears as Vered.I guess her story is typical of so many kayakers who learn to roll at a clinic or rolling session, then comes the winter and the rolling lessons and practice just dont happen any more.
Then one bright day a decision is made to get the job done and the lessons and practice begins again. This time progress is much faster and the  rolls get better and better. At the end of the season Vered has a pretty reliable roll. Now it just takes lots and lots of practice to get to the stage when it becomes instinctive, when you roll up and realise that you just did it without any thinking at all. And then you still need to practice, not just in flat water, you need to get out and do it in tides and surf and any other  difficult conditions.
Remember that you have a left and right side and  just when you think you can take it easy you realise that you have neglected the other side and the whole process starts again.
What fun.
Heres a video of vered learning to roll in the warm waters of Sdot Yam

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