Friday, August 2, 2013

easier to make, harder to use, making and using the Greenland paddle........again

In the beginning you start off with a 10x5cm piece of wood, here we have 2 pieces of Cedar and one of Paulownia which has already been planed and cut out to the rough shape

Then you begin by getting rid of all the wood that is not part of your paddle, this can take a good few hours. Its actually a lot of fun when there are a few of you working together
Finally you end up with a beautiful hand carved Greenland style paddle

next you bring it to the kayak club and have your photo taken

And fiinally you get to put it in the water. This is the hardest part because if you are not used to the new GP  the first few strokes can be a bit of a challenge. Some never make it past this step, others on the contrary are more determined and stick it out getting through the first awkard moments and then get better minute by minute

A little encouragement does help, find someone who loves his or her GP and let them mentor you for a while

It started out with one paddle a few years ago and look at us now, every day there are more paddlers discovering the pleasure and benefits of the GP. 

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