Wednesday, September 5, 2012

matunuck progress report

The deck as seen after closing all the seams and fiberglassing, now ready for joining to hull

The hull waiting to get joined to the deck

I am close to the stage that I failed at last time round.I had made a couple of mistakes then, for example I glassed the outside prematurely before joining the parts, this made them more rigid and not able to flex to join together, thus cracking under the pressure.This time I read the manual more carefully and am working a bit slower as well. Also Guy and Izzy are a few steps ahead and give me progress reports all he time, thus identifying problems and finding solutions making my build a bit easier.I plan to join the parts this weekend.
Meanwhile we continue kayaking as usual , the weather is still hot hot hot and the seawater temp is getting a bit cooler coming down from 31c into the high 20`s. 
We still give lessons to newcomers

Here`s Anat enjoying her surfski, this is an amazing kayak, perfect for surfing swells and  going downwind, but it does take a bit of practice to get good at it, and it brings out the competitiveness  in most of our kayakers.

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