Saturday, November 26, 2011

can you explain this one?

This is not what you would expect to see while paddling along the shore

So we came in closer to get a better look

If parking in the surf zone,its advisable to close your windows.. Now how to explain this one to  your wife??


hadas said...

hhhhhh, we were actually on the beach at that time, (waved to you all),and tuck some pictures too. we were sure ou would write a post on this one,
unbelievable people
wishing all a great week
hf and zviki,ben and pupik

nissim said...


was it before the conveyor of after it ?

dermer said...

What did he think of when he went into the sea with a car ?

gnarlydog said...

Bizarre but not unique.
Here in Australia we have very long beaches where people are allowed to drive on.
And regularly every holiday season there are a dozen 4WD that are taken by the sea.
The drivers underestimate the soft sand of the shallow creeks (often only ankle deep) that drain into the sea and while trying to cross them they get bogged to the axles. Half an hour later the high tide moves in and the vehicle is lost.

Lee said...

wow you dont see that everyday!

Unknown said...

Our beaches are short and driving on them is prohibited. Unfortunately some people with 4x4`s think they can do whatever they like and pollute the beaches with loud music and tons of garbage, so when we see something like this we believe that they got what they deserve. Nature takes revenge eventually.
Thanks to all for your comments