Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coffee and a smoked salmon sandwich

Yesterday the surf was big and the sea was messy,waves coming from all directions and a fair wind. Out at the rock the surfing looked good. I had just got there and was facing a huge wave,thinkingI had managed to go over,  at the last minute it grabbed me and hurled me down its breaking face. I went into a high brace and bounced along with the wave. There were moments that I was airborne and I felt the jarring smash when I hit the water again. I managed to survive the wave but my spare paddle which is always on my deck had dislocated and in the surf and  had broken in two.Dror who was paddling in a surf kayak had seen what was happening and came to help. Luckily for me there was no need for a rescue. That would happen the next day

Today the sea had settled a bit and the waves were more organised. Unfortunately the ammount of kayak traffic had increased and this makes surfing more dangerous.Sea kayaks are more difficult to manouver and when there are so many people in one small spot its a bit dodgy to say the least. 

Nevertheless we all had fun in the surf.

Until I capsized in a large wave and failed to roll. My Petrel does not have a bulkhead in the foredeck and I had forgotten my airbag,so quickly I flooded and when I tried to reenter and roll there was so much water in the boat that this was a mission impossible. I swam to the shore towing my flooded kayak behind me , thinking that its about time to get that bulkhead in as soon as possible.
 Before quitting theres always that last wave that you want to catch  and so when a good one came  I took off. I didnt see Mickey on the same wave untill it was too late and he was coming at me pretty fast. Luckily for me he missed my torso and went over my foredeck flipping me over into the white water which sidesurfed me a while and pulled me out of my cockpit.
 Thats when I decided to go home for coffee and a smoked salmon sandwich

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nissim said...


i heard from dror about what happened that day....moments of horror i guess

today it was very nice at the rock