Monday, April 18, 2011

full moon paddling at the end of a good day

The morning paddle was remarkable for  2 reasons, first off I was in a surf ski, the Fenn XT a very stable surf ski.
Avigail in the Fenn Xt

 Zviki and Israel were with me in the Nelos, a much more advanced boat. We went out west for a few km planning to come back with the wind and the waves.
On the horizon I saw something large jump out of the water, shouted with excitement and then they did it again, There were 2 dolphins playing in the water in front of us, albeit quite a way in the distance.
If the above article is correct we should be seeing them more and more.If we were closer this is what we would have seen. I didn`t have my camera with me [ on a surf ski there is not much room for anything except the paddler] and I didn`t have my pfd on.  So the picture is  not mine.
We have a saying here that if theres no photographic proof then it didn`t happen, but Zviki was with me and saw them too, so thats official then.

Later on I got an invitation to go out on a moonlight paddle. Now thats an offer I cant refuse, so at sunset there I was again getting ready to go out on flat water illuminated first by the setting sun and later by the full moon. what a great day

Setting out at sunset

Moon rising over Cesearea

Full moon over Jasser


nissim said...

beautiful Steve

you had both a full day paddling and also a full moon

a real privilege

Adventuretess said...

Sunset pic is beautiful!

Unknown said...

thanks guys