Wednesday, February 10, 2010

User Friendly Waves

The last 2 days have been great in the surf, yesterday was a bit messy but still fun . We had a southerly wind which made going out against the wind interesting but coming back  with a following wind and surf was a great thrill. Talk about a free ride. Then today we had the most fantastic waves for surfing. Look at Eyal , today he said that he lost his virginity in the waves while catching and surfing  like a pro. I had a great time filming too, positioned myself just under the breaking waves for the best view and got tumbled onece or twice by large breakers taking me backwards and flipping me head over tails . Pity that theres no one to film the photographer. Oh and about that lens with the water drops on it, even though I cleaned the lens pretty well I still had a problem today.  I ended  up licking the salt water off the lens with my tongue. Not elegant but it seemed to help. Heres the results


Mackayak said...


Unknown said...

נראה שעשיתם חיים הבוקר!!!!!!!!

hadas said...

congradulations eyal,great surf!!!!
and steve, what can i say, a combat photographer...hhhhh

Eyal Flomin said...

You know the first time is the one you remember for ever