Friday, February 19, 2010

today we went to Michmoret

Michmoret is a small village south of Ceaserea, about 12km away, the beaches are wide and sandy and there are rocky cliffs with small coves and bays along the shore.

There is a reef running parallel to the shore and this makes kayaking among the rocks a bit of fun.

We left at our usual time with the group but when they all turned back at Olga, about 1 hour down the coast, we carried on to Michmoret.

There were 5 of us to begin with but then Amitai turned for home leaving myself Israel Yaniv and Dan.Lucky for us that Dan came with as he is known for making the best Hummus in Israel, and a kayak trip withou humus is just not considered complete.

The wind was against us blowing at about 6kn and making small waves, but it was easy going and felt like we were paddling a lot faster. We enjoyed going through the reefs until Michmoret, found a nice small cove for our breakfast and then went into the little harbour to watch some new sailors get a lesson in rowing.

There is a sailing school there and they use the harbour for their boats.

The home stretch went quickly as we had a following sea with nice waves giving us a free ride

I got a new spray skirt, bright yellow, and what a pleasure to be snug and dry again. I didnt realise how full of holes my old one had become and had adjusted to the fact that I was always wet.


hadas said...

great pictures and spray deck.
sorry i missed this paddle, still had a great shsorter padle and luckily today,saterday,was amazing on the water.

avital said...

Titchadesh! you looks good in yellow!