Saturday, February 6, 2010

how to keep your lens clean

Today I had trouble with water on my lens, no amount of dipping in the sea would get the drops of water off my lens.Rubbing the lens with my finger or with my glove didn`t help either, and so my pictures are all spoiled. I did manage to catch Mickey playing in a nice wave and Hadas on another sit on top, even with a bit of water on the lens the video is not too bad.
Air temperature about 7C, water about 16C,not as cold as some places in the Northern Hemisphere but very cold for us here in Israel. Its warmer in the water than out , but with the right clothing paddling is still fun.And of course we have FANTASTIC WAVES.


Helge Helligsøe said...

Hi Steve
Don’t you ever call 16° C water COLD again! ;-)
Look what kind og "water" we have in Denmark right now:
To us 16° C is the watertemperature in the summer!

Best regards Helge

(BTW: I like to read your blog)

Unknown said...

apologies apologies,I guess its all relative. Thank you for your kind comments

hadas said...

hi helge,
then you must come over to israel to see what worm water feels like some day.
any time, you are welcome. enjoy your COLDDDDD winter

Silbs said...

Ok, so the water was tepid. Still another great video/music presentation. Don't know what to say about the water on the lens. Does it make a difference that it is salt water?

Lee said...

Hey Steve at least your water is still Liquid!

heck I can remember beings slightly hypothermic in Newfoundland swimming as a child! August haha.

Lee said...

oh and another cool video! Like the opening shot! wave...then kayakers!

When do you figure you'll have your surf kayak out for it's maiden voyage?

Unknown said...

surf kayak is coming on good, just cutting all the wood panels, no time schedule just yet, I will post a progress report when there is something to see.
silbs, dont know about the water, maybe the lens is scratched or dirty, I will try cleaning it with a lens cleaner and then see what happens. Thanks for the comments.

zohar said...

Yes we do have to thank our little sea here that we can warm our hands in the water but...Guys- when it's cold it's cold. And it was fucen cold!!!
Steve- thanks for being the club's blog. It's fun paddling in the morning and watching it in the evening!

hairyaker said...

Think 9 degrees is the maximum sea temp here in Orkney.
Great video. I will try and get some of our West coast surf on video for you.. it can be SCARY!

Unknown said...

love to see some scary surfing , go for it