Wednesday, August 29, 2007

greenland kayak day

Well the check from Dixons came through rather quickly, they said it would take 28 days but in fact I got it within a week. Well done Dixons, your international guarantee really paid off.
My new camera is an Olympus mju 770 SW, waterproof to 10 m shockproof and uncrushable too. Hope it lasts longer than the old Sony. Now I need to write to Sony and let them know that their waterproof housing is not reliable.
Today I took my skin on frame kayak for change, on flat water there is no problem with water getting in around the coaming and it was a good day, Hadas and Rami had a go too but as the kayak is built for the kayaker and is not adjustable it was not so easy for them to use as it did not fit them well enough. I guess they will have to just make their own kayaks...........

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