Wednesday, March 21, 2007

changing direction

Well it`s now official, I have joined the staff at my Kayak club "optimist" .
Today was my first time out with the group, conditions were just about as easy as can be for a first timer, flat seas, minimum wind and a smallish group.Now instead of carefree paddling the emphasis is different,there is a certain responsiblity , making sure that everyone gets out and back safely and in one piece. Now decisions have to be made, to forge ahead and wait for the others to catch up or lag behind to keep an eye on the slower paddlers, always checking that everyone is visible and not in any trouble, changes your perspective.
I guess that my main aim is to share my love of kayaking with anyone who is interested and to offer help and support to all who ask.
Keep paddling.
By the way, last Saturday was the tail end of a storm that left us with some very nice rough seas to play in. We had a great time in the waves . Here is a link to pictures from today and saturday

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