Wednesday, April 3, 2013

new buoy in the neighbourhood

Today we visited the new buoy, its been there since the desalination plant became active some time ago.Its painted black with two red horizontal  stripes  and two round balls on top. This is an Isolated danger buoy, signalling boaters of a danger in the area and thus an irresistable attraction for us kayakers.If there is a light on top its white and flashes 2 flashes every 4 seconds.I guess we will have to make a night paddle to check if its working

Just east of the buoy there are a couple of areas of water full of bubbles rising from the sea bed. this is one of the pipes from the desalination plant about a mile shoreward. It makes for an interesting visit in a kayak
On the way back we stopped off at The Rock for a couple of great surfing waves and met Amitai and Israel who had been surfing all morning

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