Wednesday, April 24, 2013

do you remember when you first did this

If you have been paddling for a while you probably have forgotten what it was like the first time you capsized. Some of us take it in our stride , while  for some  this is a traumatic experience.
Everybody is different, some learn quicker, others take more time. In the end it makes no difference but we all have to go through the learning process..
Capsizing is a fact in seakayaking, it happens to all of us sooner or later and the quicker we learn the various rescues the better off we will be.
Once you have mastered the technique in flat water look for more challenging conditions. We often see veteran paddlers get into trouble in rough water because they have not bothered to practice rolling or rescues and they cant happen to me......
We know that it can and it does
Heres a small video of the first time learning  and overcoming the fear of capsize.

for some reason I cant embed this video in my blog 

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