Saturday, March 23, 2013

happy Pesach, or how to escape the cleaning

Dror and Nissim  getting ready to go surfing , rough water, confused seas and strong winds kept all sane people out of the water, but these two have no fear and in order to stay away from their wives who are cleaning the house for Passover are prepared to endanger themselves rather than get roped into Passover cleaning

I must admit it does look like more fun than the alternative

Nissim gets wet going over a nice wave
Wishing all a Happy Passover holiday or Happy Easter.
Enjoy the holiday, I know that I will .


nissim said...


Another day at Sdot Yam

It was fun altogether

Thank you Steve for the pictures

Lee said...

Peace to you guys during the holy days!

Unknown said...


Pinky's Plumbing said...

It seems so fun there! Thanks for sharing those pictures.