Saturday, April 20, 2013

winter makes a comeback

Last week it was summer, I got roped into putting away all my winter clothes and also packed away my winter paddling clothes, hell I even had my car cleaned

Then Winter came back in full force, cold and lots of rain, I scrambled to find those winter clothes and  pulled them out again,  the car will not get washed for a while , but out on the ocean we had a lot of fun

This morning started out with strong winds and confused seas, not great surfing but  still nice to be out  in the rough stuff. Yosi had his camera out this time and so theres a rare picture of me

Racheli took this one of me from the shore

Some waves are better viewed from behind.
It was a rare privilege to be out in the thunder and lightening this morning, and  soon the lightening sent us off the water. Lets hope winter sticks around for a while.

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nissim said...

Photos 1 and 4 especially beautiful

It was indeed a privilege today to out on the water