Wednesday, May 20, 2009

theres always something going on

Last week we had bonfire night, actually its called Lag b omer and has to do with counting the days from Passover to Shavout and commemorates the killing of the disciples of Rabbi Akiva. Actually the whole country is littered with bonfires. The kids scour the land collecting any pieces of scrap wood and not so scrap wood that they can find and it all goes up in smoke and flames that night. I'm told it looks fantastic from an airplane. Next day there is a smog over the whole country. Today a bunch of school kids came to our beach for a Seamanship lesson, actually most of the schools in the area have days like this where they give the kids lessons in kayaks, sit on tops, or windsurfing or sailing. Wish I had had this when I was a kid. See the teacher taking life easy while the kids play in the water. Yochai prefers his new kayak, he built a beautiful Night Heron but somehow prefers the Chatham 17, go figure.! Anat loves her new Tahe Marine Mini Ravel;, it fits like a glove And then we found this dead turtle on the reef.Cause of death unknown but we all felt a tinge of sorrow at the death of such a peaceful creature. Meanwhile Israel was practicing backwards surfing in the small shore breakers. I like it too, you need good bracing when going backwards and then you need to be ready for the broach and turn all in reverse . So even when it seems as though nothing is happening there is always something going on

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