Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so plans change

I planned to do some work on my new kayak today after the morning paddle, I thought I might also get a move on with the repairs of my old trusty Night Heron . It has been getting some nasty scratches and rubs from rough beach landings and is in need of a good sanding and a new varnish job too. When I got to the beach this morning I found that things were already beginning to change. There was a very small group of paddlers, and the sea was really rough, almost enough to discourage going out. Nevertheless we brave souls headed down to the waters edge for what turned out to be a brilliant days play in the rough water. If you don't like rough water, its probably because of limited skills . As your skill level improves so will your enjoyment level rise. You definitely need a good roll and also good bracing , as well as good boat control especially good edging and stern rudders. On the other hand the only way to get to better skill levels is to go out in challenging conditions, to practice and spend the time in the water. The more you experience the better you get.
Anyway, back to the plan for the day, after some fun in the waves Yoss and Barak decided that a good feast was the best thing to do and so off they went to get some shrimps and mussels. One thing leads to another and so after a great meal of seafood and beer I was in no condition to work on my boats.

That will have to wait for another day.


Silbs said...

I love your mini presentations along with the music. Keep them coming.

Unknown said...

thanks silbs, i love making them too