Saturday, May 30, 2009

And so the summer rush begins

Winter is a great time to kayak in Israel, the beaches are deserted and you feel as though they belong to you.Weeks go by and the only people you see are the few who don't mind the cold water and weather. But as soon as the weather changes, and we almost don't have a spring, it goes from winter on Sunday to summer on Monday, and the beaches get crowded. Tents spring up on weekends and holidays, sit on tops of all types appear , fishermen crowd the shores and all kinds of sailing boats encroach on our beaches. It makes for an interesting time on the water. Yesterday was family day, I arranged to take my cousins grown up and married daughters, and son for a kayak experience. We had spoken about it but it wasn't going to happen until I initiated it . So off we went , 5 newcomers to the wonderful world of sea kayaking. After a brief intro and some basic instructions we played around on the water. Its amazing how fast feelings of trepidation, and insecurity change to confidence and happiness as basic skills are acquired and some control over the kayak is gained. At the end of a 2 hour session we were all having a great time on the water and promising to come back again soon. Hope that happens. I love the feeling of taking newcomers and showing them the joy of being on the water.

My old Olympus is beginning to fail on me, water got inside the other day , I guess the search is now on for the next ultimate waterproof camera. Does anyone have any experience with the new Canon powershot D10. Up til now I have wrecked a Sony,[ with a waterproof case] Pentax and an Olympus.

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