Wednesday, May 13, 2009

chance of a lifetime

If you ever thought about building your own kayak, but were not able to because of all kind of reasons, then now is your once in a lifetime chance.
We[Itay Bahar and myself, both part time kayak builders and kayakers] are organising a Kayak Building Workshop in Pardess Hanna with world renowned Nick Schade.
Nick of Guillemot Kayaks has agreed tentatively to come and give us a one week workshop for 6 to 12 people .
So if you would like to participate in this event let me know .
At present we are gathering information and deciding on just what we will be doing.Probably we will concentrate on strip built and because one week is not long enough to build a whole kayak we will begin on the deck. Nick believes that we can finish the deck in a week.
I think its an incredible opportunity for all Israeli kayak builders to meet and work with one of the worlds best known kayak designer and builder.
Stay tuned for more info and if you would like to be a part of this experience just drop me a line as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Wo; stive, what a great genuine idea.

avital said...

I'm in!!!!

karel said...

I agree great idea ,someday i'll join you.

iritonel said...

Hi steve,
Is there a chance for this to be during the summer vacation (so we, teachers, can participate) ?
thanks for all your great ideas,
Irit Onel

Unknown said...

probably it will be in about feburary, depending on Nicks schedule, so sorry, not in the summer vacation.

Ruby said...

hy steve
would very much like to attend the kayak building workshop

Unknown said...


that's a great blog - really enjoy it.

I also live in Pardes Hana and although completely new to kayaks, have just started building the Guillemot.

would love to attend the workshop.


Unknown said...

hi Izak, why dont you drop me a line on email , maybe we can meet Id like to see your kayak

Unknown said...

Sure, Steve. I would definitely like to meet. Just sent email with my contact details.