Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gone fishing

The Clinic is closed today, it`s too nice a day to waste on work and so we decided to go kayaking instead.
When I announced to my team at work {Concept, The Home of Dental Health] that I would like to take them all kayaking I could feel the tension rising. Some are afraid of water, some of the sea, some of being seen in a swimming suit and none of them have ever been in a kayak before. Also in the news was an item about an Olympic rower who had capsized and almost drowned before some one came to rescue her. So with much trepidation we met at the Optimist kayak club at 9.30, Israeli time, got ourselves kitted out with skirts, life jackets and paddles, put on our hats and sunscreen and trooped down to the water. Hadas and Yossele were on hand as our personal instructors and after a brief intro we all got into our boats and began to paddle. I`ve been paddling for so long that getting into a kayak is the most natural thing in the world, but for my team it was a brand new experience, and at first I could see the anxiety levels rising. Within minutes the frowns turned to SMILES and everyone began to have the time of their lives.
The sea was perfect for beginners, flat with a mild breeze and not a cloud in sight.
We puttered around, Yossele and Hadas giving instructions and helping with boat control and then went on a short trip towards Caserea, made a beach landing , had a swim and then headed back.By this time arms and shoulders were showing signs of strain, new muscles having been discovered, it was time for phase two.
Off we went for a fabulous lunch in the old city of Caserea.
I'm sure it was a day that my team will remember for a long time, and maybe one or more of them will take up kayaking.


hadas said...

בהחלט אחלה כיף של יום במים,חברה טובה,ים מדהים!!ניראה לי שאפילו הלבינו לי כמה שיניים מרוב רופאי שיניים סביב.
רק......המסעדה לא זכורה לי...מממ
איך לא הייתי שם גם?????
מזל שרמי תמיד דואג כאן לצד הקולינרי של המועדון וארגן שאריות.ההה
עוד אחד כזה היום עם בשר שנישאר מל"ג בעומר.ניפגש

avital said...

רעיון נפלא לתת לצוות נקודת מבט נוספת אחד על השני, ובעיקר- להסתכל על היבשה מכיוון הים...

hadas said...

sunscreen is my favorite song in the world!!!!! thanks steve

Unknown said...

no problem, enjoy