Saturday, February 9, 2008

sink your teeth into this

It looks like a good eating fish that Eyal caught today.I have to admire his persistance. Every time he goes out he trawls his line behind his kayak, mostly bringing up plastic bags, or loosing his lures in the rocks, but then now and again he gets a nice sized one that makes it all worthwhile.
Maybe I should try it too since I was recommended to eat fish at least 3 times a week .
There are fish around, we see them jumping and even flying around us as we paddle past, and then there are all the fishing boats from Jasser Azarka that ply the waters, mostly though they bring up empty nets. It looks like this area has been fished out and you have to be really lucky to get something that you can sink your teeth into.
On the other hand you can always get fresh fish at the local supermarket but its a lot less fun.
My new kayak is comming on quickly, I have almost finished building the frame and should be able to begin striping next week, just need to take a few more days off work.
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