Friday, February 22, 2008

happy birthday Iris and kayak building report

So what did we have today? our trip to the Dead Sea was cancelled which left a few of us very disappointed, but on the other hand we had a nice paddle in the wind and then a birthday party for Iris with cakes and wine Later on I came home and worked on finishing the hull of the Greenland Night Heron. It has taken me a week of intensive work but today I finished the hull, I have put in about 45 hours up to now and it is going really fast. I am often asked how long does it take to make a kayak and up to now I don`t know as I never logged the hours. So this time I am keeping a building log to see just how many hours it takes. I guess I shouldn`t count the time that I just stand there and marvel at the beauty of all the wood as it turns into a fantastic kayak.
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