Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Homemade kayak building report

Today we couldn`t go paddling as the sea was too high?? really.
So I used the time to make some good progress on the GNH. I finished putting all the forms on the strongback, made sure that they were all lined up nice and straight and began the stripping process with the first strip which is the sheerline. This marks the joint between the deck and the hull of the kayak Then turned the frame upside down so that I can strip the hull first. It looks like it will go quite quickly. I am just waiting to receive the red cedar boards that I ordered last Friday and then its all systems go. So far it looks pretty good to me.I love the feeling of watching the kayak take shape bit by bit, its like something growing under my hands. There is a strong connection to the boat which gets stronger as the process proceeds and you put more and more of yourself into the boat.
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