Wednesday, February 27, 2008

learning to dance on waves and kayak building

Yesterday and today the sea was a real playground, a bit messy in the waves with no real structure which makes surfing difficult but lots of fun. Rami was out there with his video but had some tech problems and so we didn`t get any nice shots. Today the waves were smaller , ideal for learning to manage for newcomers. Only Nir stayed after the morning run to begin his learning stage in the waves. Luckily the water and weather was not too cold. There is only one way to learn to handle waves and that is to get out there in the surf and practice. Bracing low and high, surfing forwards and backwards and rolling in the surf time and time again are the only way to get confidence and skilled at handling this part of the sea. Once you can master these conditions its the same when the waves are bigger, they are just a lot more powerful and everyone will find their own limits.It is definitely worth while to spend time in the soup zone and it makes kayaking a lot more fun.
Today I started stripping the deck of the Greenland Night Heron, its amazing how quickly it goes.
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