Friday, March 8, 2013

kayak fishing in windy waters

Strong easterly winds, offshore, necessitate staying close to the shore, hugging the rocks and avoiding the fishermen, or annoying them.

Its easy to run aground on submerged rocks that you don't see

After getting caught in a fishing line Danny flipped over and had to be rescued by Hadas, 

First she towed him out of range of the fisherman, then helped him back into his kayak after untangling the fishing line

Later we went through the rocks at Cesearea

and for the first time noticed how well camouflaged Noam was

the rest of us stick out like a sore thumb

Close up of the ancient aqueduct that brought water to Herod's palace and the city of Cesearea

And on the way back Ariya also found some new rocks to play with.

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