Saturday, February 23, 2013

The littlest matunuck

At 1m53 Zohar needs a smaller kayak than Izzy and so she shrunk the Matunuck plans by 10%.

this made it a prefect fit

After launching her Matunuck we went for a paddle as the waves were not great for surfing

On the way back we stopped off at the rock for a spell

Ran was there playing in the surf

Izzy too, In fact there were so many kayaks that it felt a bit too busy , so we made it a short day and for sure will be back tomorrow morning.


Unknown said...

I think I am 1.55 and at this height every sm matters....
Thanks a lot for the support and words of advice while building. For the patience mainly....
Now I will tell you why I have built it. You see...Getting your attention to have our photos put in your blog use to be quite easy. Recently competition has increased and people have to do extreme things now adays. Surfing above the rocks, standing on their kayaks, or...building a new one. See? it worked! I got almost the full post for myself!!!!
thanks for the video, shows how much a shorter paddle will help!

Unknown said...

The above comment was from Zohar

nissim said...

beautiful pictures