Wednesday, March 14, 2007

stormy tuesday

Actually tuesday was just a prelude to wednesdays high seas, with forecasted waves of two to five m. The wind was southerly and the sea was choppy making going out a nice bumpy ride, but comming back in with the wind behind us causing some interesting navigational challenges.This is where experience counts, how to go where you want, not where the sea takes you.The biggest challenge to a sea kayaker is the wind which affects your handeling and steering in many ways. Here all your skills come into play,and are the keys to staying on track. Steering with all the strokes that you know and boat lean are the ways to keep your direction, but they need to be practiced in mild conditions first, otherwise its easy to capsize and then your rescue techniques are tested.
Playing in the waves after comming back was a lot of fun and should also be seen as a learning experience. See pictures here
Keep paddling.

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