Wednesday, March 7, 2007

big tuesday

Tuesday morning, up at 6 look at phone for sms from Ehud to see if we are going out, so far no message so all systems go.Load the kayak on the car and set out for the beach, just before arrival my phone bleeps, oops, theres Ehuds message, no kayaking today the sea is too rough. Well seeing as though i`m almost there I may as well just go and take a look myself. Right , the sea does look a bit high but not too daunting, I think that we can go out, and then Mickey arrives, he didnt get the message. So the three of us went out, Yossele Mickey and me, there were largish waves, a northern wind and large swells, but nothing that we couldnt handle. After going to Cesearea and back we went to play in the waves for a while. Yes, not a day for beginners, , but then we`ve been there for a couple of years already. Here are some pictures and a video too

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