Saturday, March 10, 2007

paddeling the dead sea

Friday morning a group of us went down[400m below sea level] to the Dead Sea.This is the lowest place on earth created during the Great Rift of Africa. The water has such a high mineral content that its impossible to sink, you just float around on the surface of the water. So who actually needs a kayak there?? Well we started out in perfect weather, went north for about 10 Km, entered one of the channels that lead to the sinkholes, but due to the strong current didnt make it to the end, and then came back. The weather stayed calm all day and it was like kayaking on a glass mirror, flat shiny water reflecting the yellow kayaks perfectly. No rolls or braces, the water tastes terrible and has a very oily feel on your skin. It is supposed to have medicinal properties though, so we all feel a lot better now. Here is a link to some photos

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