Saturday, February 9, 2013

other paddler`s boats

A new petrel gets launched on our beach this morning, water on my lens blurs the photo but its a great boat 

Ilan tries out his new boat and is impressed, wait till he tries it out in rough water

I used Rachel`s Tiderace  while my boat is getting some repairs, its an  Xcape s, 

Eyal has a Tiderace Xcite, which I also tried out this weekend. the Tiderace series of kayaks are terrific, well built and durable. I like the small hatch on the front deck for small items like sunglasses or snacks, its a very convenient  storage place and no need to twist round to open it. both kayaks that I tried were easy to paddle, but the Xcite was more sensitive to the wind and I had to work hard to keep on track .
The skeg does help a lot but then makes quick turning more difficult. I am not used to using skegs or rudders at all.
Notice that winter or summer Eyal paddles in a short sleeve tee shirt while Hadas and I both wear fleece long sleeves and Reed storm cags. I guess the youngsters don`t feel the cold like we do

And finally can you spot the new paddler , despite numerous reminders to keep that hand lower it continues to reach for the sky. I guess it takes a good while to get it right

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm not much of a youngster anymore...

Thanks for the compliment though :-)