Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wer`e all going on a summer holiday

Summer holidays again, and Optimists love to travel.At present we have a group paddling between the Greek islands round Milos, but from the pictures Amit sent they seem to be spending a lot of time just lazing on the beaches

Wow, what a beautiful campsite, I guess the Taverna is just behind the ridge

And at the end of the month we have another group going to paddle in the Prince William Sound of Alaska. We were there 2 years ago and the memories are still strong

No Tavernas round here, but the ice is great, just add Scotch

Anticipation is growing for another Alaskan adventure, leaving the HEAT of home and immersing in the wonderful cold wilderness again.


Silbs said...

Looks like wonderful fun.

Lee said...

Wonderful stuff!

Optimists on the move for the season!