Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gone fishing


Due to a well needed vacation and the opportunity to go kayaking in Alaska, this blog will be closed until I get back.
Here are a few pictures of the last couple of days paddling at Optimist, 

Izzy showing off his new head protection gear

Notice the new chimney being erected on the beach for the Israel Electric Co.

We had a small wave yesterday

What a great smile

After taking this picture my Canon D10 stopped working
One day before flying off to paddle in Alaska my trusty? Canon D10 packed up.I had organised extra batteries for the trip and was congratulating myself on how my camera was still working when many others had already stopped.
So now I`m in a quandry, what to do?
I have a Pentax optio that I use for work, its specially adapted for close up photography, but has the usual functions and is waterproof as well. I will take it with me and then when I get back will do some research on new waterproof cameras.
Does anyone have any suggestions on which is the best one to get?
And now off to paddle in Alaska, bye bye.

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