Monday, June 11, 2012

try it, you may just get hooked

It looks so easy to the uninitiated, seeing kayakers playing and paddling on the water.What they don`t know is how much technique is involved in getting that kayak to do just what you want. They soon find out when they take their first lesson.

Of course some pick it up easier than others, but mostly they all go through the same stages of learning.
It`s rewarding to give a first lesson to a newcomer and see them progress in front of your eyes, from the first moment they sit in this unstable boat all tense and afraid of capsizing to feeling more in control and relaxed after only one hour in the kayak.

And most of all to realise how much fun it is. Almost  everybody has fun, except some who get seasick or cant let go and relax .
And it is a lot of fun, as soon as they gain some measure of boat control and learn to brace in the waves the level of fun increases.
Each lesson is tailored  to the individual and modified to deal with their ability, sometimes its faster and sometimes slower. Our first lesson is basic safety, boat control and direction control and what to do when you capsize, then if they want to they can begin going out with the group and learn on the go.
We always have a guide with the newcomers at least for the first few outings  and its amazing how fast they begin to improve . The only way to learn is to be out on the water, as much as possible.
We are lucky to have warm water and sunshine, this makes it easier to make that first time out a great experience.
Give it a try, you may just get hooked.

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