Sunday, February 14, 2010

planning a trip

No matter what trip it is there is always some planning to do. From the simplest shortest paddle, where all you have to plan is to get out of bed and to the water by 7 am, to a multiday camping trip which is a bit more complicated.
Here in Israel most of our trips are pretty simple, get the kayak to the put in, have enough food for a day or 2, make sure we have the right equipment and clothing for the weather, and go for it. There are no tides or difficult areas to navigate, no fog to confuse us and very little sea traffic.The weather is also pretty comfortable, no ice or snow and even when it rains its not too bad. Minimalistic is good for us.
So when we have to plan a trip to Alaska, we suddenly realise that we [most of us anyway] dont have any experience  to guide us, and our imagination takes over. We start reading, looking at more sophisticated camping equipment, and talking to those who have been there before.
In one book I read he explains the difference between brown and black bears, how with one of them you need to be docile while with the other you need to be more agressive. Great, what happens at night when you dont know which bear you are talking to. Is this a real threat, or am I just going down the garden path?
We are going to Alaska in June for a wilderness kayaking trip. For most of us it is a first time experience, and probably not one to be repeated in the near future. So we need to make sure that we have all the correct gear for a successful trip.
I`m asking all you kayakers out there in the Northern Hemisphere to help us out here, whats  your most favourite piece of equipment that you just cant do without on a trip like this.
 Maybe its a potjie

Maybe a comfortable chair

Maybe its a fantastic tent

Maybe its a tarp

Help, I just cant decide whats the most important thing to take with, maybe I need a bigger kayak so I can take it all with me.
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