Tuesday, February 2, 2010

perfect waves blue kayak

Today the waves were just perfect for surfing, both long and short kayaks and even a couple of surfers on surfboards were out there having fun.

And then along came Hadas on this Sit On Top.

Now Hadas is a world class kayaker, put her in anything and  the skys the limit.The theory is that if you want to sell something then you have to know your product and believe in it, so Ehud suggested that she try out all the different kayaks in the shop in order to sound more professional when talking to different customers looking for a kayak The trick is to match the kayak to the buyers needs and if she has intimate knowledge of each kayak the selling will move up a notch.

So today it was time for the Tarpon sit on top.

Well I guess as you can see it was a fun day in the waves, not many who buy this boat will  try to catch these waves, but it can be done.Good for you Hadas.
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