Wednesday, February 3, 2010

kayaking to the end of the rainbow

What a reward for those of us who ventured out today, just as we were going down to the sea this fantastic rainbow appeared, and enchanted us with its magic. The sea was supposed to be stormy and windy but at first it was not too bad, from time to time we had some gusts of strong wind and some interesting waves but nothing too extreme
We had a short paddle down south protected by the breakwater and then round the corner the wind picked up quite a bit. We turned for home and tried using our paddles as sails to catch the wind.
The home stretch was interesting with the wind at our back and the surf making for an exciting ride.

It was an exhilirating morning out in the weather, the storm is still to come but we had a great time.Photography was difficult, as every time I let go my paddle to take a photo the wind seemed to grab me and whirl me about plus I kept getting water drops on my lens that wouldnt wash off in the water.

Eyal on the other hand had a great time surfing.
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