Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tuesday end of 2008

I was sick last week with a bout of the flu and so decided that today I needed to get my sinuses washed out with salty water. What better way to do it than by rolling in the sea. So even though the regular outing was again cancelled due to high seas, I went out for about an hour and played in the waves. The only problem with being out alone is that there is no one to photograph and no one can take any pics of me.

When youre out in rough water you need to be totally concentrated, to be alive and alert at all time, you cant be thinking of your next vacation or let your mind wander at all, because the moment you let your guard down you may find yourself being rolled by the wave that you didnt see coming.

I liken this to life in general, sometimes it`s calm and plain sailing, sometimes things get rough and sometimes you have to fight just to survive. A day out on the sea in rough water gives me a good perspective and helps me approach life in general with a knowledge that if I have the same attitude on land as I have on the water I can manage anything.

Sometimes you have to just stand on a rock and let your wings dry before the next session
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