Monday, December 15, 2008

payback time

Sometimes you have to pay for your pleasure, and after neglecting my garden for a few years now I have been harnessed into getting the place cleaned up.

It made me wonder , who cleans up the forests? there seems to be a force of nature at work, stuff grows, then dies , leaves and things fall to the ground, pile up, decay and provide food for new growth. It is a self propagating system and everything grows in harmony. So why isn't my garden doing the same thing, why do I have to rake up the damn leaves and tidy up all the fallen undergrowth, why cant I just leave it to take care of itself.

I`d rather be paddling, out on the water, rolling in the waves or just watching the birds chasing the fish.

I discovered a lemon tree in a neglected corner and the pomelos look good too.

Maybe there is something to be said for looking after the garden after all.
On second thoughts, I`d still rather be paddling
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