Wednesday, September 10, 2008

reply from olympus

Much to my surprise I received a super fast reply from Olympus Cameras to my open letter. I was surprised because they had acknowledged getting my letter but had warned me that a reply may take a while as they dont reply to letters on New years day, national holidays and Olympus holidays either. So heres what they said
Dear Dr. Gordon, Thank you for your e-mail concerning Olympus waterproof digital camera. Your disappointment is entirely understandable if both of your cameras were damaged due to water. However, cause of the damage depends on how you use the camera. Therefore, we are unable to give you any definite comments on the problem of your cameras. While appreciating your kind offer, you do not have to test our camera since waterproof test is conducted based on our proven methods at our end. Thank you for your proposal and your understanding. Thank you. Best regards, M. Higa Customer Support Center OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. Tokyo, Japan
I wonder just how you are supposed to use a camera designed for water and underwater in order for them to stand by their product?
Well I have just bought the Pentax optio w30, its last years model but the price is reasonable and the camera has a good reputation, and now I regard all these camerss as disposable and not worth spending too much money on. And the pictures are great.

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Silbs said...

Good choice, the W30 hs served m well, and 7 megapixels is plenty. It's worth learning the programs under menu as it allows for wonderful exposure compensation. So, now let's see some pictures.