Monday, September 15, 2008

going going gone

On Friday morning we are going to the Greek Island of Milos for a week of kayaking and camping.
I for one am passed being ready for a vacation having worked all summer while the rest of the country was on vacation. So I am really looking forward to this break. From what I have heard by people who have been there it is a fantastic place, incredible scenery and great food. We will be renting equipment from a local kayak club and then we are on our own. We return on Friday 26 Sept , so until then this space will be dormant.
See you soon
Yesterday while helping Hadar with her rolling lesson, I suddenly saw Yossele standing up in his kayak and then Hadas doing it too. I was a bit far away to get a good pic but heres the best I could do at such short notice, and Avital was showing off her new roll after quite a long time of learning. good for you Avital.

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